6km Flight a Success!

HiDRON 6k Launch insitu low res

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> November, 2018

Stratodynamics Aviation Inc. has carried out the company’s inaugural test launch the HiDRON, a stratospheric aircraft for collecting high-altitude atmospheric data. . .


Belarus Image glider only

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> OCTOBER, 2018

Stratodynamics Prepares to Launch the HiDRON

Stratodynamics is finalizing preparations for the launch of their stratospheric aircraft, the HiDRON.  The HiDRON is a unique balloon-launched unmanned glider . . .


Timmins Pic

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Stratodynamics Finds Strategic Collaborator in Canadian Space Agency

STRATODYNAMICS was recently invited on a tour of the Canadian Space Agency’s (CSA) balloon launch facility in Timmins, Ontario. The facility has been . . .


HiDRON Announce merged

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> JULY, 2018

Stratodynamics Exhibits at the 2018 ISARRA Conference

This past July, Stratodynamics sponsored the 2018 ISARRA conference hosted by the University of Colorado. ISARRA is the International Society for . . .


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> FEBRUARY, 2018

Stratodynamics Receives Seed Funding from Innovation Guelph

The Innovation Guelph Fuel Injection Seed Funding Program has awarded funding to Stratodynamics Aviation Inc. to assist in the next phase of the company’s . . .


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> April, 2017

Gary Pundsack thinks flying a kite is more than child’s play. It could help provide power to those living in developing countries . . .

Stratodynamics CEO featured in University of Guelph Alumni Publication

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> NOVEMBER, 2016

Stratodynamics WINNER of Global Space Race Competition

Gary Pundsack, CEO STRATODYNAMICS AVIATION INC. is proud to announce that the STRATODYNAMICS team are finalists in the NASA Space Race Competition . . .


Stratodynamics tour NASA Langley Research Centre in Hampton Virginia in March, 2018.

(L to R) Stratodynamics Client Liaison, Nick Craine; NASA scientist, Qamar A Shams; Stratodynamics CEO, Gary Pundsack and Branch Head, Ray Rhew at NASA Langley Research Center this past March. The team toured the facility and were given demonstrations of the HiDRON technologies in various prototype stages.

photo by Jesse Midgett