The HiDRON is an unmanned glider utilizing NASA’s lightweight sensing and control technology with semi-autonomous flight capability. The glider is designed to operate in the stratosphere and provide weather monitoring data in real-time. Weighing less than 500 grams, the HiDRON is easily launched by weather balloon. Once the balloon bursts, it glides home and is redeployed.

The HiDRON saves client’s money and reduces environmental pollution.



Market: The HiDRON is purpose-built for collecting weather monitoring data. Our addressable market is the US weather monitoring agencies which perform over 74,000 weather balloon launches per year (twice daily from 102 sites). Initial sale targets are 15% of the US market by year 3. Growth potential is in the $13 B environmental monitoring market including 400,000 weather balloon launches which occur annually (twice daily from 900 sites).

Competitive Analysis: Atmospheric monitoring (including weather monitoring) is currently performed by various technologies such as radiosondes, weather satellites, meteorological radar, and aircraft sensors. At altitudes between 10-30 km, technology gaps exist in atmospheric monitoring. UAVs are increasingly finding commercial applications; however, no one is routinely performing atmospheric monitoring in the stratosphere.

Business Model: The HiDRON will be leased to regional weather monitoring agencies. The lease cost will be equal to or lower than the current radiosonde cost. This allows the agencies to operate without impact to their core functions or budget. No additional staff or resources are required to operate the UAV program. Stratodynamics will coordinate the retrieval, re-calibration and redeployment of equipment. In doing this, Stratodynamics develops expertise in high-altitude aeronautics, avionics, communications, tracking and micro-sensors. Growth opportunities in the $13 Billion global sensing and monitoring market include climate change monitoring, observation of various phenomena such as clouds, extreme weather, air pollution and sea ice.


Mission Statement: Stratodynamics is a better world business focused on addressing the most pressing issues of our time. Our response to climate change is the inspiration for the HiDRON unmanned semi-autonomous glider.


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