Canadian Space Agency (CSA) systems engineer, Sebastien Lafrance and Stratodynamics CEO, Gary Pundsack with the ‘Species’ campaign in the background
PRESS RELEASE – September 18, 2018

STRATODYNAMICS was recently invited on a tour of the Canadian Space Agency’s (CSA) balloon launch facility in Timmins, Ontario. The facility has been shortlisted as a North American launch location for the company’s re-deployable glider sensor platform called the HiDRON.

In the hours between 1 and 4am on August the 16th, CEO, Gary Pundsack and client liaison, Nick Craine witnessed the collaborative launch between the Canadian Space Agency and the Centre National d’Études Spatiales (CNES).

As the early morning mist began crawling across the tarmac, the 800 kg payload was successfully lifted by a zero pressure high-altitude helium filled balloon. Climbing at a rate of 6 metres per second, the balloon and its scientific payload rose more than 27,000 feet before the sun came over the horizon.

The STRATODYNAMICS team is evaluating several balloon launch sites for campaigns beginning in 2019. Other launch sites of interest include USA, Europe and South America.

Timmins Screen Cap

Click HERE to see a video of the August 16 CSA/CNES balloon launch.